The World Wide Web

20 01 2013

I heard Chelsea Clinton recently say—obviously amused by her Dad—“He still calls it the World Wide Web.” Remember when we all called it that, when it was new, amazing and somewhat mysterious. This was before laptops, ipads, smart phones…back when not everyone had a computer in their home. When…gasp…you might still get in your car and go to the library to find information.

This led to a conversation with a friend on how the Internet changed our lives and did I remember the first time I had my first exposure. Hers was on a 12” black and white monitor. The image was just copy, in that pale text. But it was a glimpse into an exciting “other” world.

I remembered my first exposure into that “other“ world.  I’m in advertising and my professional organization held a World Wide Web workshop. It was held in a computer lab at our local university. It was filled with mostly Internet virgins who were also my professional friends.

The workshop leader was a charismatic guy, but at some point the words he was saying explaining it all became a wah, wah, wah droning on and on. I was ready, like a kid ready to cut their birthday cake. My friend sitting next to me pointed to a headline on the screen (I didn’t know the word link back then) that said “Hunks Online”. I hovered the arrow over this and clicked the mouse.

Suddenly a HUGE PENIS filled the screen. I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t know how to get it off the screen. This led to laughing like when you’re in church and are uselessly trying not to call attention to yourself. But we were loud. I may have even fallen out of my chair. I know tears of laugher were falling down my face. Someone behind me yelled, “Connie, bookmark that page for me!” I didn’t know what that even meant (though I got the concept).

This was my first exposure to the World Wide Web.

I’d love to know your story about the world wide web!

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2 responses

21 01 2013

What a hysterical story, Connie!

I remember taking computer classes in college to learn how to write spreadsheet programs with Lotus 123, and having to sign up to use the printer(which was housed in a separate room the size of a house.)

We also used IBM punch cards for printing as well. Looking back on this now, I see what a waste of time and tuition money all of that was.

As far as the computer, I remember the early games produced for children and how fascinated I was with them, so I’d play alongside my infant son for the sheer fun of it. Putt Putt Saves the Zoo!

I was fascinated with the World Wide Web from the start, particularly all of the mommy groups that were sprouting up on how to work from home and how to be a better mommy – ridiculous but interesting at the time.

Great memories. Thanks for taking me back.

21 01 2013

Cathy, I remember friends carrying around all those cards for their computer classes back in the day when one computer filled a whole room. I really had no idea what they were doing! How far we’ve come! Thanks for commenting!

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