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Wearing my Miracle Ball earrings from my first post

Connie McLeod is an art director, a writer, a creativity coach, a world traveler, a food and wine lover. During her professional career she has worked for advertising agencies, higher education, healthcare, and nonprofits. She is currently creating marketing videos at Greenview Designs. She took six months and backpacked across Europe in her 20’s and was her daughter’s Girl Scout leader for 13 years. For her 50th birthday she jumped out of a plane because she wants to do things outside of her comfort zone. She is leading workshops, facilitating small groups and giving speaking engagements on creativity and innovation, and branding. Her writing has been published in Huffington Post, Midlife Boulevard, and Better After 50.

I learned with Scouts, it’s not about earning the badge, it’s about the hike you take to earn it, what you learn and see and enjoy along the way. I embrace my joys, challenges and the bumps in the road with a sense of creativity. I hope you enjoy following me along my creative journey.”



12 responses

7 05 2013

Yes! I like everything about you! Especially jumping out a plane! Yikes! So happy to have found you and your blog!

7 05 2013

I’m so glad you found me too!!

26 05 2013
Cathy Chester

I loved your bio, Connie. I”m the least creative person, so I’m glad you’re out there spreading creativity around. You go, girl!

26 05 2013

Thanks Cathy! You are an amazing writer, that’s all creativity!

30 05 2013

Great bio! My older daughter bridges to Senior tonight!

30 05 2013

I loved my years with the Girl Scouts. I took my troop on a trip to Italy before the senior year in high school. It was great!

13 02 2014
Dave Habeeb

Hi Connie,
I am a video producer and would like to talk with you about the photo of your father being filmed for an old television commercial. Could you please email me at: dhabeeb@hbs.edu

13 02 2014

Dave, I just sent you an email.

22 02 2014
Juanita McGregor

Hi Connie,
Just looked up the blog and love what you are doing. Reminds me of our conversation on Wednesday. Spent enough time in Girl Scouts myself to achieve Senior Scout status. looking forward to reading some archived posts.

22 02 2014

Juanita, I’m looking forward to growing as a writer in our writer’s group. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. And thanks for reading my words and commenting!

22 02 2015

HI Connie,
I am really enjoying your blog with it’s wonderful mix of history, Southern culture and I get a strong sense of you holding it all together and weaving it into a story.
I loved your comment about the scout badges and it reminds me of a favourite John Lennon quote of mine: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”
My kids do Sea Scouts here in Australia where they are doing kayaking and sailing etc in addition to the usual camping and bushcraft activities. Being Prepared isn’t something which comes naturally to us and packing is a nightmare.I can assure you that I am getting quite an education as well in things like how to pack, navigation and unfortunately doing a lot of washing.
Here’s a couple of my scout posts you might enjoy xx Rowena

10 07 2019

Hi Connie. I read your blog about designing ads for 3D mammograms while being assessed for breast cancer. (I’m so glad you’re well.)

I’d love to talk to you for a news story. Could you give me a ring?

Liz Szabo
Senior correspondent
Kaiser Health News
1330 G Street N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005
Follow me on Twitter at @LizSzabo

Kaiser Health News, a nonprofit health newsroom whose stories appear in news outlets nationwide, is an editorially independent part of the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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