Birthing an Idea

4 11 2012

I am in labor right now. The gestation period is coming to an end. I’m birthing an idea. My partner and I are creating a brand new business. This isn’t the first idea we’ve given birth to, but it’s the first business we’ve created together. We know that once an idea is born, it takes on a life of it’s own. I’ll be a working mom. I’m not quitting my day job to take care of this baby. I work in Marketing at one of the largest OB hospitals in the country, so this birthing analogy is natural for me. I’m still waiting for my real baby girl to be totally self-supporting. Time will tell if either of these babies will eversupport me!

If the idea of starting a business was inception, the first labor pain was coming up with the name.That name became Greenview Designs. Why Greenview? It’s the literal
avenue where our creative journey starts every day. It’s our creative oasis. It’s where we grow ideas.

Our vision is a business that houses different kinds of design and nurtures creativity. Together we have decades worth of talent and experience of turning ideas into things. We want our idea to grow into what it wants to be and will give it the freedom to go where life takes it.  I like the story of FAB. It started out as one business model and evolved into something else. That something is even more fabulous than the original

Our starting concept is that Greenview Design is a design and strategy company. We’ll
facilitate workshops on creativity and innovation; offer graphic design services; commercial TV/video producing and production expertise; branding and marketing consultation. We’ll transfer your VHS tape to a DVD. And we’ll nurture a personal passion—custom furniture design.

Procrastination is really a part of the creative process. I’m good at this phase. Finally after spending some quality time procrastinating, I pushed and pushed and a logo was finally created. Designers put extra pressure on themselves when designing something for themselves. I treated myself as a client and came up with three options. Then I made it my partner’s job to pick one. Here’s a bit of the process work.

First ideas are
rarely the best in logo design.

After I did
this, I realized I’m watching too much

Clean, classic
and simple.

The chosen logo.

The Hurricane Bar is the first custom built furniture that was created under the Greenview Designs umbrella. Here are a few more examples of custom furniture that’s available.


Shaker Step-Back

This blog is about
my creative journey, so it’s seems appropriate that the birth of
our business is shared here. I’ll keep you updated with this baby’s
progress. Facebook, Pinterest and a website will be among it’s
first milestones.  We’re still deciding who gets the president
or the CEO title, which reminds me, I better design that business


An idea is born into the
world.  Watch it grow!

Contact us at:

If You Give Connie a Glass of Wine

26 10 2012

If you give Connie a glass of wine,

She’s going to ask you for another.

She’s going to notice that you break a lot of wine glasses because your wine rack is flimsy.

Then she’s going to start thinking.

She’s going to think it’s a grand idea to start a business with you.

Then she’ll tell you Greenview Designs will be the name of the business that will house your designs and her ideas.

Soon she will design several logos for Greenview Designs and make you choose only one.

That reminds her she wants to start a blog.

Sometimes unexpectantly, a hurricane will happen.

And she will blog about it and will make you read everything she writes.

All the downed fences from the hurricane gives her an idea.

She’s going to make you build a piece of furniture with the old downed fence boards that will hold glasses and bottles of wine.

She will make you go to her favorite restaurant because she remembers that she liked how they hung their wine glasses in their bar.

And she will invite friends to go on a reconnaissance mission to drink in the bar and to enjoy the delicious food at her favorite restaurant.

And you will eat and drink too much.

Soon she will have to buy many bottles of wine to go in the wine refrigerator that she bought to go inside the Hurricane Bar.

She will ask her photographer friend to take a picture of the Hurricane Bar that you have built from recycled and repurposed things you found lying around, while she was spending hours and hours on Pinterest getting more and more ideas.

She will ask you to attach your trailer onto your truck.

She will get you to load the Hurricane Bar onto your trailer because she wants to take the photo with a swampy background.

She will want to show the Hurricane Bar to her friends.

And she thinks that her friends will want one too.

They will come to your house to discuss building them one.

And if you get them a glass of wine.

Connie’s going to want one too.